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About the Institute

Our Institute is an organization that educates talented students in the methods of working with concepts and creative solutions. We believe that creativity is the key to innovation, and we are committed to helping our students develop their creative potential.


Our graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a variety of industries, including marketing, design, and business. They are also equipped to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ideas. We are committed to providing our students with the education and resources they need to succeed in their creative careers.

We are not afraid of artificial intelligence (AI) replacing us, because we have the unique gift of human creativity, which we improve throughout our lives. AI can be a powerful tool for conceptologists, but it cannot replace the human touch. We believe that humans are essential for the creation and development of new concepts.

About Founder

Tar Sahno is a Creative Director with many years of experience in the entertainment and advertising industry. He also is a Founder of the Institute of Conceptology and Creative Solutions. He is passionate about using creativity to solve problems, make any concept useful and help projects accumulate humans attention.


He founded Conceptology as a scientific field in 2018 and after has spent over four years researching this area of science, before he published his first book "How To Make The World Interesting".


He managed a video production and creative solutions agency for 12 years in Kyiv (Ukraine), Los Angeles (CA, USA) and Atlanta (GA, USA). As well as a video games development studio for 4 years in San Diego (CA, USA).


He transferred all the experience accumulated during his professional life to dozens of methods in the field of creative solutions, proposed in his book "How To Make The World Interesting" and educational programs of the Institute of Conceptology and Creative Solutions.

Subject of study

Creativity improvement. Study of critical and design types of thinking.


Discovery of history of different worldwide concepts.

Techniques and methods invention of creating and improving concepts.

Studding an impact of concepts on society. Social analysis. 

Mission of the scientific direction

Improvement of communicating creative people around the world and unite them by the ICA Community.

Protecting rights of our specialists and raising the level of expertise of conceptologists around the world.

Teaching new students, graduating certified specialists and providing intellectual resources for society, government agencies and private corporations.

Values of the Institute

Providing a high level of education for students.
Standardized certification process for specialists.
Job seeking for certified conceptologists.

Providing grants for the most talented and the most active specialists.

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