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About the Institute

Our Institute is an organization, which educate our talented students of many methods of working with many types of concepts. As well as a lot of creative solutions that our certified specialists can use in their professional life. 

Conceptology is a science field that studies history of concepts, techniques of concept creation and impact of worldwide concepts on society. You can learn how to analyze concepts and provide valuable solutions making services. A conceptologists utilizes their skills in many actual professions, but also does this as their sole business. And most importantly, no smart machines or artificial intelligence will be able to replace this profession for at least the next couple of hundred years.

About Founder

Tar Sahno is a Creative Solutions Expert and the author of the book “How To Make The World Interesting”.  

He founded Conceptology as a scientific field in 2018 and after has spent over four years researching this area of science. Before joining the US Army he'd managed his own creative solutions agency for 12 years and he transferred all the experience accumulated during his creative life to dozens of innovative methods and many creative techniques proposed in his book.

Subject of study

Creativity improvement. Study of critical and design types of thinking.


Discovery of history of different worldwide concepts.

Techniques and methods invention of creating and improving concepts.

Studding an impact of concepts on society. Social analysis. 

Mission of the scientific direction

Improvement of communicating creative people around the world and unite them by the ICA Community.

Protecting rights of our specialists and raising the level of expertise of conceptologists around the world.

Teaching new students, graduating certified specialists and providing intellectual resources for society, government agencies and private corporations.

Values of the Institute

Providing a high level of education for students.
Standardized certification process for specialists.
Job seeking for certified conceptologists.

Providing grants for the most talented and the most active specialists.

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