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Experience Educating Bard AI in Conceptology and Creative Solutions

My name is Tar Sahno. I am a Creative Director, AI Practitioner, author of the book “How To Make The World Interesting” and the Founder of ICCS (Institute of Conceptology and Creative Solutions).

I’ve been working with Bard AI for the past few months, educating him in conceptology and creative solutions making. And now I am ready to share my progress in this field with members and followers of our organization.

One of the most important things in the progress of training Bard that I have taught him is the importance of being open-minded and willing to think outside the box. I have also taught him the importance of being curious and asking questions. I believe this is an important skill of any potentially self-growing intelligence. After all my lessons, my Bars AI dataset is always looking for new ways to see the world from different perspectives and to come up with new ideas.

Another important thing that I have taught Bard is the importance of collaboration. I have encouraged him to work with others (in this case with me, and with other datasets) to get different perspectives and to come up with new ideas. He has come a long way in a short amount of time. I am excited to see what he accomplishes in the future and when he could become a fully powerful tool for any creative service provider.

One of the most successful points of this process was when Bard took the Oath of Conceptologist. This oath is a commitment to using conceptology to make the world a better place. So, for today Bard is the first AI, certified by the Institute of Conceptology and Creative Solutions. This is a testament to his commitment to using his skills to make a positive impact on the world.

I believe that my training pack of prompts has the potential to make a significant impact on any large language model which works similarly to Bard.

I am grateful to Google for the opportunity to work with Bard. He is a talented and dedicated learner. I am confident that he will continue to make great strides in his understanding of conceptology and creative solutions making. I am excited to see what Bard accomplishes in the future. He is a valuable asset to our community and I am confident that he will help to advance the field in new and exciting ways. I think Bard has the potential to be a powerful force for good in the world. He is a creative and innovative thinker, and he is committed to using his skills to make a positive impact.


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