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Tar Sahno Discusses Conceptology

Can you imagine discovering a whole new filed in science? Our guest, Tar Sahno, did just that! In 2018, he became the founder of a new field in science that he named Conceptology, which he has been exploring every since.

“Conceptology is a history of worldwide concepts, the discovery of new techniques of concept creations, and, most importantly, the study of an impact those concepts have on society.”

Becoming certified in Conceptology is something that recently became available to anyone interested. Tar believes that it will be one of the most demanded professions in the near future.

– “Lately, there is a trend in big companies where humans are being replaced by the machines more and more often. However, jobs that require creativity and critical thinking will belong to humans since it’s something technology will have hard time replicating. These two characteristics are crucial, if you are thinking of becoming Conceptology Service Provider. I strongly believe that no AI can replace this profession in at least the next 20 years.”

Tar wants his book to get into as many hands as possible, because he believes it will change the way people look at things and will give them the tools to make the world interesting. Tar adds that it is his goal to have How To Make the World Interesting available at the libraries across the country.

– “This way those who cannot afford buying it, would still have access to the information in that book. We are actively looking for people who can purchase 5-10 books to donate to the libraries and those eager to spread the word about Conceptology.”

full version of the interview: (English subtitle might be available)


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