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The Best AI Tools of 2023 and Chat GPT Prompts to Boost Your Creativity.

Updated: Apr 2

Ai generated photos

In 2023 German photographer Boris Eldagsen refused his Sony World Photography award after revealing that his photo was AI-generated, and the jury failed to detect it. He said he intentionally entered the contest to raise the debate. So welcome to the brave new world.

Since the debut of generative artificial intelligence tools, the AI topic has been booming the media space. As described in the previous article,

a recent combination of AI-based content and image generators, chatbots, and other valuable tools can be used to create various types of content. Whether we "hate it or like it," we can confess the world will never be the same as they have already boasted impressive creative potential and accelerated AI adoption worldwide. Let’s look into the most popular AI tools for content creation, design, and marketing and dig into some techniques to get the most out of your creativity with Chat GPT prompts.

Best AI tools for content creation

Despite ChatGPT capturingt5 the public's attention, many other AI content tools have stepped onto the stage.

Chat GPT alternatives
  • Chatsonic integrates with Google Search to create content with the latest information. It can also make digital images and answer voice commands.

  • Jasper Chat allows you to have interactive conversations with AI. It understands multiple languages and can generate content like poems, jokes, scripts, and horoscopes.

  • Chat by helps create articles, sales emails, social media captions, ad copy, and more with real-time data.

  • ChatFlash by Neuroflash AI provides answers and results based on your questions or instructions.

  • Rytr generates high-quality content quickly and offers various use cases, templates, and language options for different writing needs.

  • Marky by Easy-Peasy.AI generates content outputs through natural language interaction.

Best design AI tools

The list of AI tools for designers to get supercharged is also not limited to DALL-E and Midjourney only.

best design ai tools
  • Deep Art Effects offers untrivial art filters and SLR camera imitations, optimizes and colors images automatically, cuts backgrounds, and many more.

  • is used to create, edit and scale content. You can also create a logo and choose suitable colors and fonts.

  • Fronty can develop HTML/CSS code for your website based on your uploaded image.

  • Let's Enhance is a "state-of-art" AI technology that improves photo quality, removes compression, and enhances retouch and low light correction using deep learning methodology.

  • RemoveBG, despite background removal, allows quick photo retouching and Photoshop integration; it has many designs presets.

  • Khroma is useful when you need to generate color combinations.

  • removes objects from photos and generates background automatically without any reference.

Best marketing AI tools

Some niche AI marketing tools worth mentioning are the following:

Best marketing ai tools
  • Fullstory allows marketers to see how users behave on the website capturing their clicks, mouse scrolling, etc. Filters are also available by user type, device, location, and more.

  • LeadiQ gives options for prioritizing prospective clients, building portraits, sales personalization, and collecting feedback on the messaging campaigns.

  • Surfer is an AI Seo tool for performing site audits and content optimization for search algorithms.

  • GrowthBar Chat is an SEO content writing tool with a generative AI chat feature.

Regarding marketing content writing tasks, you can use a comprehensive list of ready-to-use prompts, though it is better to enrich them creatively for better outcomes.

ChatGPT achievements

Though new AI tools spring up like mushrooms, ChatGPT remains the season's diamond. Its achievements impress and inspire with dread and fear at the same time.

chat gpt description

It is the first AI generative technology that has become so popular with the masses. It showed a record-breaking three-month growth from one million in 5 days after launch in February to 100 million users in May 2023, with one billion monthly visits. Since it launched on Appstore on May 18th, 2023, the growth will likely continue. Bill Gates shared in his blog that he's "seen two demonstrations of technology that struck me as revolutionary," and ChatGPT is one of them.

Instead of capturing enterprise skyscrapers, it targeted millions of houses worldwide to be the topic number one. Except for writing text, scripts, songs, poems, and many other types of content, coding, and debugging, people tend to use it to get help with domestic and life problem-solving.

greg mushen and chat gpt

A man Greg Mushen was recently mentioned in the media for an inspiring story of losing 26 lbs weight thanks to a Chat GPT plan. Though it’s important to note that his profile bio says he “writes a newsletter that provides a weekly summary on AI,” and thus, he definitely had enough motivation to turn the experiment into a successful one and make some fuss around.

Still, the survey conducted in April 2023 showed that 60 % of respondents are ready to use the platform for medical advice. It is reasonable to conclude this technology has integrated into most spheres of our lives.

Like most technology, AI is still a tool in people's hands. Like a car needs navigation to reach the final destination, the same is true for artificial intelligence.

Here we face the question of how we write effective prompts. I recommend studying the Github collection of recommendations for mastering prompt engineering. Artificial intelligence is not a fortune teller and cannot read your thoughts, at least for now. To make the outcome relevant, give it lots of information, background, and explanations to support your request or use creative technics as a guide. Let’s move to some approaches to make it more creative and accurate.

Specify details and domain.

Firstly, start by asking, "Act as" or "Imagine you are" to point the bot's attention to a specific field and add details. You can see how results may differ when you write a question and hope it will take a hint or spread it. The first method is called zero-shot prompting.

chat gpt prompts

Here we see a long speech example which is good if that’s what we need. But if you need a structured plan, you may try a one-shot or few-shot prompting.

chat gpt one few shots prompts

chat gpt one shot prompts

As a result, you get a structured plan for building your presentation and may continue asking questions depending on the topics you consider suitable.

Specify style

Another exciting way of adding some human touch to Chat GPT text is asking it to write in a specific genre or imitate famous personas. This is widely used to make storytelling, video scripts, games, and the like.

That’s how Obi Van Kenobi could make a speech about the importance of learning.

chat gpt playing with style

Or look at how the outputs differ depending on the chosen style - a "touching" story or a "stand-up" one.

chat gpt content styles

Please pay attention that I had the idea that comedy style should include jokes examples, but I needed to specify it in the initial input.

chat gpt correct prompts

As a result, I had to ask to rewrite the story with jokes about Shakespeare and Einstein to get the desired narrative.

how to write chat gpt prompts

The more specific you get, the better results you will receive, and play with styles to make your text more compelling.

You can even ask Chat GPT to do reverse prompting and help you make the correct input to imitate the style you like or include essential keywords. See how it helped me to generate a prompt for the text taken from the Dropbox description.

chat gpt reverse prompting

Here is the output from the given prompt.

gpt outputs

Use it as a critique.

When developing any idea and solution, it's crucial to look at different perspectives with the help of critical thinking. If you can't stand people arguing with you, try to use the bot as your debate partner to skill up your argumentation and see potential holes it has.

how to use chat gpt

how to use chat gpt for debates

Or you can ask the platform to give you some constructive criticism on your work, whether it's an essay or a marketing advertisement. For example, let's ask for some alternative ideas for the Halos mandarins #WorldsSweetestMandarins campaign.

how to write chat gpt prompts for marketing

chat gpt advice

chat gpt content writing

It depends on taste if these options are better than the initial one. But this solution shows interesting alternative concepts like superheroes and gives space for creative visual ideas suitable for those captions. You can use it whenever you are still trying to figure out your thoughts and crave a bit of instant advice.

Involve creative techniques.

We can leverage various creative techniques and psychological methods to analyze problems and generate effective prompts. One such technique is SCAMPER, which stands for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate, and Reverse. Psychological methods like the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and the Zeigarnik Effect can be employed for your ads or texts. We have covered more about these techniques and problem-solving approaches in previous articles.

One of the ways you can get alternative ideas and shake your creativity is to ask Chat GPT to look at the problem from different perspectives and contradictory points of view. Let's look at the "Six Thinking Hats" model created by Edward de Bono and see how it can be used for AI brainstorming.

The Six Thinking Hats method encourages parallel thinking for better group discussions and decision-making. Each hat represents a different thinking mode:

  • White Hat: factual and objective review, analyzing information and data.

  • Red Hat: emotions and intuition, expressing feelings and hunches.

  • Black Hat: critical and cautious thinking, identifying risks and drawbacks.

  • Yellow Hat: optimistic thinking, focusing on benefits and opportunities.

  • Green Hat: creative and imaginative thinking, generating new ideas.

  • Blue Hat: the facilitator manages the process and guides discussions.

I have asked Chat GPT to help reduce turnover in a company with 50 employees.

how to use chat gpt creatively

creativity and chat gpt

Though the answer above does not have a ready-to-use plan, it might boost your creativity and give you some more ideas you might have missed.

By incorporating these methods along with different approaches such as brainstorming, mind mapping, and analogical thinking, we can delve into problem analysis from various angles and formulate thought-provoking prompts for GPT, enabling it to generate more insightful and creative responses.


It is crucial to emphasize the importance of fact-checking Chat GPT results, especially considering that it was trained on data before 2021. While being a powerful language model capable of generating contextually relevant responses, it may not have access to the most up-to-date information or be aware of recent events. Moreover, it makes mistakes, so regularly verifying its information is essential. But workers may definitely get supercharged if they learn to use technology and empower creative thinking to guide AI tools.


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