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Additional Education That Will Make You A Unique Marketing Specialist In 2023

It's a summer day. You are standing in front of your university, grinning from ear to ear. Why is this day so special? Well, maybe because there is a diploma in your hands. Yes, that precious piece of paper on which it's written 'Marketing Specialist' in bold letters.

But what to do next? On this day with you, at least 40 of your group mates have also graduated from the same faculty. If we take it on a larger scale, we will see that on this day, hundreds of people are holding the same piece of paper in their hands in front of their universities. And this is only in your country and only considering high education. To delve deeper, it's also possible to gain knowledge of marketing by taking the course of a successful marketing specialist from the Internet. Thousands of people pursue this way and get this education even faster.

So where is all your uniqueness and skillfulness? How can you provide marketing solutions if, on a large scale, the skills you learned are no different from others? Well, don't worry, you will find work somewhere as there are plenty of fields where modern specialists can work, whether it's SMM or ad direction. However, how satisfied will you be? Will you provide people with unique solutions and serve them? There are some doubts here. Without gaining additional education, you are unlikely to offer distinctive marketing services. Here is a new question of what extra education to choose arises.

A few related fields come to mind: graphic design, copywriting, target, and business management. Nevertheless, they still are unlikely to make your services special.

Nowadays, there is a new, growing, and evolving field called conceptology. As it's not so popular yet, gaining information about it and obtaining an up-to-date skill will make you stand out from the crowd.

It's just the same as with copywriting or target. Remember? Only those marketing specialists who upgraded their marketing skills with that knowledge became unique and distinguished. The same is with conceptology.

Conceptology As A New Field Of Studying

Conceptology is a science field that studies the history of concepts, techniques

of concept creation, and the impact of worldwide concepts on society. When you gain knowledge in this field, you learn how to analyze concepts and try to create new things that will help businesses provide better services. Thanks to this knowledge, you can make the world a better and more exciting place.

How Conceptology Brings Your Marketing Services On A New Level

When you let conceptology into your life, your services aren't just about promoting some things, but they are more about creating something new and valuable.

Here are some examples of how marketing specialists and conceptologists will behave in the same situations.

For instance, you need to attract people to upload a new game on the Apple Store.

Marketing Specialist Behaviour:

● promotion through social media;

● involving influencers;

● working on the game logo and using caching colors;

● writing an interesting description;

● the implication of a 'call your friend' option.

Conceptologist Behaviour:

● deep analysis of the core reasons why people play games;

● understanding the things that make the gaming process addictive;

● coming up with a creative solution for a gaming concept;

● creating a new concept, something that was unseen before.

Conceptology Helps Businesses Not To Go Bankrupt

Some things, at first sight, seem to be in our life for a long time. We have become accustomed to them and use these tools daily. When we delve deeper, we notice that conceptology has been with us for a long time. Let's look at the examples of using it in successful businesses and how conceptology helped companies to survive.


It was one of the first coffee shops in 1975 that started selling not just coffee but a unique atmosphere. At those times, the main conception of Starbucks was to create a perfect meeting place for people where they would come together with their colleagues after work.

Since then, Starbucks’ number one selling option has been making new season drinks and not being afraid to take risks. For sure, marketing specialists have also made a significant contribution to Starbucks. For example, they came up with the idea of writing people's names on coffee cups. That just made people post those cups on social media and boosted brand awareness. However, they would have never been so high without their profound conception of a warm-hearted place and unique coffee offers.

Apple Magic Keyboard

A new concept that Apple has created is Apple Magic Keyboard. The company understood that they had a significant drop in selling iPads. People were more likely to buy phones or laptops. There were no reasons to buy those tablets. Taking their features into account, they significantly lost to other Apple gadgets.

And the best solution here wasn't making an advertising campaign but creating a new thing that would make iPads unique.

That's why they released Apple Magic Keyboard and added new tools to their tablets. Thanks to this keyboard, people can use the iPad as a laptop. Moreover, the iPad isn't heavy, so taking it to the university or work is convenient.

Lego Universal Bricks

Lego bricks were founded in August 1992 and quickly gained popularity. However, over several years the company used to release the same types of bricks without any change. Their customers were soon tired of it. As a result, sales decreased.

A new management team came, and they understood that no promotion or improvement would return the popularity. Something new was needed. That's why they decided to create a new concept and sell lego bricks not just as a building set but more like a play. That's why they chose to develop Lego people that could be used to make your Lego life story. Also, looking at this company, we notice that Lego has become more about community as it has made several films, games, and events for Lego lovers.

Wrapping it up

A profound marketing campaign isn't always the key. Oftentimes, we need to delve deep and rethink the whole conception.

Sooner or later, every business needs to surprise its customers with something new and unseen. And here, the conceptology knowledge will be useful as it'll help you to come up with fresh ideas. Thanks to them, you will make the world a better place and, as a sweet bonus, will boost your revenue.


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